Constitution and bylaws of Geotechnical Graduate Student Society at UC Davis

ARTICLE I. Name The name of our student society is Geotechnical Graduate Student Society at UC Davis

ARTICLE II. Purpose The geotechnical graduate student society promotes scholarship, leadership, and fellowship for graduate students in the geotechnical engineering program at the University of California, Davis.

ARTICLE III. Membership

Section 1. Active student members: All registered UC Davis graduate students identified as a geotechnical engineering student in, and by, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department are automatically active student voting members.

Section 2. Alumni members: All former graduates and members of the GGSS are automatically alumni members. Alumni members are not eligible to vote.

Section 3. Honorary members: Honorary members are admitted to the society based on a majority vote of the Officers and need not be a geotechnical graduate student at UC Davis. Honorary members are not eligible to vote.

ARTICLE IV. Dues and Fees 

Section 1. There are no dues or fees for membership.

ARTICLE V. Officers and Their Duties 

Section 1. The Officers of the student society, which constitute the Board, shall be: President, Treasurer, Seminar Coordinator, Social Coordinator, and Membership and Field trip coordinator. In addition, there shall be a Faculty Advisor assigned by the Geotechnical Engineering faculty in consultation with the GGSS Officers. Officers are required to attend Board meetings

Section 2. The President shall preside over meetings, set the meetings agendas, coordinate the Round Table with the faculty advisor, coordinate the activities of the committees, and keep the membership informed of the activities of these committees. The Treasurer shall maintain the student society financial records in a spreadsheet easily transferred to subsequent treasurers, and report to the membership the student society financial status annually. The Seminar Coordinator shall arrange the speakers program for the Geotechnical Seminars throughout the year in consultation with the Faculty Advisor, update the membership of upcoming seminars, and maintain the seminar calendar on the GGSS website. The Social Officer shall coordinate formal social events for the group. Membership and Field Trip Officer shall keep membership records updated and coordinate all field trips for the group. The Faculty Advisor shall advise and mentor the student group. He/she shall have no voting privilege. The Faculty Advisor will chair the annual Round Table meeting.

Section 3.Officers not performing their duties may be voted off of the Board by a majority vote from the Board and recommendation of the Faculty Advisor.  

ARTICLE VI. Elections

Section 1. Voting for the 5 Board members will be held by paper ballot at a schedule meeting or online using the GGSS website.

Section 2. Board members shall be elected based on a majority of votes.

Section 3. Elections will be held at the beginning of Spring quarter. This is to allow for training time of the newly elected Officers. Nominees must submit their intent to run for office to the current President, either verbal or written, no later than two weeks prior to the election date.

Section 4. Terms of office will be one year and begin June 30th.

Section 5.In the event that an officer graduates or does not wish to fulfill an entire term after taking a position, the Board may appoint another GGSS member to that position with a majority vote.  

ARTICLE VII. Officer Training

Section 1. It will be the responsibility of the outgoing Officers to train the new Officers of their duties and responsibilities during spring quarter.  


Section 1. Board members must meet at least quarterly and there shall be a minimum of one general annual meeting for all members. Any changes in these locations will be announced one week prior to the meetings.

Section 2. Additional meetings may be called at the discretion of the president provided no less than one weeks notice has been given to the membership via e-mail, word of mouth or phone.

Section 3. There must be at least 2/3 of the Board membership present to hold a meeting. Email is an acceptable method of correspondence and voting.  


Section 1. Funds for use by the society may be available from a designated account or accounts that are maintained in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and which are under the authority of the Faculty Advisor. These funds may include gifts from private sources that are designated for use by the society.

Section 2. The society recommends allocations and expenditures to the Faculty Advisor for approval and signature.

Section 3. The Treasurer drafts the annual budget for the first Board meeting of each year. The annual budget must be approved by majority vote of the Board and by the Faculty Advisor.

Section 4. Expenditures and pre-approvals for expenditures must be approved by the Board with a majority vote. Final approval of expenditures lies with the Faculty Advisor.  

ARTICLE X. Committees

Section 1. Committees shall be formed as necessary by the Board.

Section 2. Each committee shall be formed by volunteer basis.

Section 3. All committees shall report their proceedings at Board meetings.  

ARTICLE XI. Amendments and Parliamentary Procedure

Section 1. The Constitution and Bylaws may be amended by a majority (2/3 or greater) of cast votes at a general meeting by paper ballot or online using the GGSS website. Proposals for amendments to the bylaws must be submitted to the Board with a minimum fifty percent of membership signatures in favor of proposed amendment to be voted on within three months timeframe. When using a paper ballot, ballots will be emailed one week prior to the general meeting and will be accepted by any Board member until the time of voting.

Section 2. Any bylaws necessary to supplement this constitution shall be approved at quarterly Board meetings and voted upon by the completion of the following quarterly meeting.

ARTICLE XII UNM PASS Homepage Section 1. The GGSS will have one official homepage at

RATIFIED: October 16, 2008 AMENDED: