GGSS Calendar

Seminar Calendar for Winter Quarter - Academic year 2024

DateNameAffiliationTopic title
01/11/2024Mike GeorgeBGC EngineeringRock Scour for Dam Foundations and Spillways
01/25/2024Matt BurrallUCD
Experiments, Simulation, and Optimization of Tree Root Inspired Anchors and Foundations
02/01/2024Michael Chamberlain
& Long Chen
Hayley & Aldrich Inc.1D Site Response Analysis for a Deep Sedimentary Basin Site and a Discussion about Mean Spectral Matching
02/08/2024Sanchari MondalUniversity of MelbourneSoil-structure interaction of bio-inspired foundations / Stress-dilatancy behavior of sand at low-stress levels for offshore applications
02/15/2024Hannah Curran & Brian AlbinPG&EA Day in the Life of an Owner’s Engineer
02/22/2024Magali Billen UCD
(Earth & Planetary Sciences)
How does deformation of a sinking tectonic plate cause earthquakes at 400-660 km beneath the Earth’s surface?
03/21/2024Krishna KumarUniversity of TexasTBD

Seminar Calendar for Spring Quarter - Academic year 2024

DateNameAffiliationTopic title
04/04/2024Jay WilsonClackamas County Disaster Management 
04/11/2024Nathaniel WagnerSlate Geotechnical Consultants 
04/18/2024Kush ChohanDelve Underground 
04/25/2024Lisa YabusakiCalifornia DSOD 
05/02/2024Jiarui ChenUCD (GGSS) 
05/09/2024Alan KroppAlan Kropp & Associates 
05/16/2024Dr. Stéphanie Chaillat and Dr. Jean-François SemblatENSTA-Paris 
05/23/2024Chris CarpenterCornforth Consultants 
05/30/2024Holly Nicholas and Rob BarryCalifornia DWR 
06/06/2024Doug SchwarmAtlas Geotechnical 

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