Round Table

GGSS Round Table

The Round Table is an annual student showcase held at the University of California, Davis. Professionals from government and industry are invited to presentations and poster sessions by GGSS student members. The goal of the Round Table is to foster a connection with professionals so that researchers at UC Davis have an understanding of the needs of industry and industry is aware of the research projects at UC Davis. The event highlights include student presentations, poster sessions, an industry panel discussion, and social festivities.

The Geotechnical Graduate Student Society will be hosting our 17th Annual Round Table event on Thursday, March 7th, 2024 at the UC Davis Conference Center Ballroom (550 Alumni Ln, Davis, CA 95616).


Past Award Recipients

I. M. Idriss Award for Excellence in Geotechnical Engineering

  • 2023: Alex San Pablo, Mandeep Basson

  • 2022: Tyler Oathes, Maya El Kkortbawi

  • 2021: Francisco Humire

  • 2019: Alex Sturm and Trevor Carey

  • 2018: Kate Darby

  • 2017: Chris Krage and Diane Moug

Geosyntec Fellowship

  • 2023: Katherine Cheng

  • 2022: Mandeep Basson

  • 2021: Alexandra San Pablo

  • 2019: Alena Raymond

  • 2018: Alex Sturm

Patrick C. Lucia Geotechnical Engineering Scholarship

  • 2023: Riya Anilkumar

  • 2022: Matthew Burrall, Kyle O’Hara

  • 2021: Maya El Kortbawl

  • 2019: Renmin Pretell

Fugro West Fellowship

  • 2023: Matthew Burrall, Irene Liou

  • 2022: Yuyan Chen, Patrick Bassall, Lin Huang

  • 2021: Mandeep Basson, Tyler Oathes and Renmin Pretell

  • 2019: Han Yang and Maya El Kortbawi

  • 2018: Gabby Hernandez and Sophia Palumbo

  • 2017: Alena Raymond, Alex Sturm and Trevor Carey

CPT Inc./ConeTec Graduate Student Award

  • 2023 : Lin Huang, Dora de Melo, Bryce Ambrose, Fabian Zamora

  • 2022: Nathan Love, Jakob Strasilla, Renmin Pretell, Benjamin Blair

  • 2021: Sharif Ahmed, Patrick Bassal, KC Green and Sumeet Sinha

  • 2019: Tyler Oathes

  • 2018: Kevin Kuei and Trevor Carey

  • 2017: Adam Price and Kate Darby

GEI Award for Best Presentation

  • 2023: Mandeep Basson

  • 2021: Trevor Carey, Tyler Oathes and Liya Jiao

  • 2019: Alex San Pablo and Charles Graddy

  • 2018: Alex Sturm

  • 2017: Adam Price

GEI Award for Best Poster

  • 2023: Laura Luna, Alexandra San Pablo, Mitchell deJager

  • 2021: Sumeet Sinha, KC Green and Olivia Hunt

  • 2019: Alex Sturm, Koral Buch and Sumeet Sinha

  • 2018: Alena Raymond, Kate Darby, Sophia Palumbo and Trevor Carey

  • 2017: Chris Krage, Diane Moug and Mohammad Khosravi