Field Trips

GGSS Field Trip

Field trips are an essential part of education in geotechnical engineering outside of the classroom. The ability to design geotechnical structures requires an understanding of general construction techniques and procedures, the site conditions under which these techniques may fail or succeed, and how to perform quality control among other important construction aspects. Moreover, field trips provide students an opportunity to connect with practicing engineers and specialist contractors. As part of an effort to foster this familiarity of construction aspects with students, GGSS organizes field trips every quarter to project sites in the greater Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area. Past field trips have included visits to earth fill and concrete dams, deep excavations, tunnels, and landfills, as well as trips to observe various drilling and pile installation techniques, as well as slurry wall construction.

For more information about GGSS field trips, or if you are interested in hosting a GGSS field trip, please contact our current field trip coordinator Lin Huang (