Geo-Congress 2012

geocon_awardsThe Geo-Congress 2012 took place in Oakland,CA in March. Our group had two great distinctions and we are all very happy for and proud of:

– Ian Maki who won the 3rd Best Poster Award during the Geo-Poster competition which is part of the GeoChallenge competitions. More information and details about the criteria can be found here.

– Professor Jason DeJong who received his Shamsher Prakash Research Award, targeted for young engineers, scientists and researchers (40 years or younger).

The candidates should be specialists in Geotechnical Engineering and/or Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and it is necessary that they have significant independent contributions and show promise of excellence in research.

CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!

GGSS members toured the Transbay Transit Center Project

transbay_2013On January 25th, 2013 GGSS members toured the Transbay Transit Center Project in San Francisco, California.  The trip was made possible by Stephen McLandrich and Michael Gardener of the ARUP San Francisco office and included both a presentation about the project and a full site visit.  The project which is taking place near the corner of First and Mission Streets in downtown San Francisco involves replacing an old existing terminal with a new larger transit center. The Transbay Transit Center will serve as a regional hub and connect 11 different transit systems including the future California High Speed Rail.

GGSS members had the pleasure of touring the project excavation while accompanied by Stephen and Michael who explained the interesting geotechnical aspects of the project. All of GGSS would like to thank both Stephen McLandrich and Michael Gardener of ARUP for taking the time to be with us and providing a wonderful and exciting day!